11 Aug

Delta Airline’s Massive Network Disaster Could Have Been Avoided

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Recently, Delta airlines had a massive network disaster. This is one of the most prominent public examples of business disruption. The airline said the power failure originated at its headquarters in Atlanta, and crashed the entire network. The airline system failed and the back-up systems failed to switch over. It is always better to have a Business Continuity plan in place prior to any disaster.

FatPipe Site-to-Site failover enables companies to plan for back-up data centers without any interruption. This ensures that all web and other incoming traffic is re-directed to the back-up site. Site-to-site failover and load balancing together can help IT Managers to survive this type of disaster, especially customer facing operations, as all the operations will fail over to the back up site.

25 Jan

Conduct your own investigation

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SD-WAN is the new hot acronym in wide area networking that makes complex deployments very simple. With SD-WAN several companies are offering this technology with its components such as encryption, WAN path control, application performance routing, optimization and overlay networks to the customers leaving it difficult for them to choose on.  Their decisions might go wrong in choosing one that promises absolute success. But with little awareness and consideration of some important factors the consumers can select a solution that is appropriate for the product they wish for.

The primary thing that a customer needs to know about the vendor is how long have they been in SD-WAN market offering this solution and how do they support the business at times without leaving the network in peril. Even if the vendor claims that he has countless number of customers always check for the genuine ones and avoid pit falls. Be cautious while learning about the vendors patents and try to know whether they have the patents covering their technology? Or else they are violating someone else’s patents. At the same time make sure that your company is not exposed to intellectual property violation which may get you into trouble. So make sure that the product offered by the vendors is a good fit before you actually deploy it in your existing network.

According to analysts, FatPipe SD-WAN solutions bring together all the components under a single umbrella in a single easy to deploy solution.


11 Jan

FatPipe Security: FIPS 140-2 & Web Filtering


The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2, (FIPS PUB 140-2), is a U.S. and Canadian concerted effort to impart computer security standard helps impute cryptographic modules for hardware and software products, issued and published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) U.S. and has been embraced by the Canadian government’s Communication Security Establishment (CSE). FIPS is concurrently administered by NIST and CSE under the parasol of the Cryptographic Module Validation Program (CMVP).

FatPipe web filter can monitor and screen SSL/HTTPS web pages and enforces internet usage policy by blocking access to websites and internet application. The content can be blocked by site using URLS and specific file types. FatPipe encryption supports AES, 3DES, SHA1 and MD5. It provides standard encryption with IPSec and GRE encapsulation and can establish VPN/GRE tunnels with 3rd party security appliances while undergoing FIPS 140-2 certification. FatPipe cloud hosted security enhances cloud-based firewall and SWG deployments where the traffic is tunneled to cloud gateway using GRE or IPSec tunnels and trusted locations can be propagated to branches for more efficient routing. FatPipe products are FIPS 140-2 certification pending.

30 Apr

FatPipe Networks, the Inventor of SD-WANs, Recommended by Gartner as Offering One of the Market’s Most Advanced WAN Path Controllers With WAN Optimization Features

Gartner Recommends That Companies Should Consider FatPipe for WAN Optimization When It Is Beneficial to Combine WAN Optimization Features With Good WAN Path Selection Control Capabilities

SALT LAKE CITY, UT–(Marketwired – April 30, 2015) – FatPipe Networks, the creator of software defined networks for wide area connectivity and hybrid WANs, today announced that Gartner commented that “FatPipe offers one of the market’s most advanced WAN path controllers and companies should consider FatPipe for WAN optimization when it is beneficial to combine basic WAN optimization features with good WAN path selection control capabilities.” They listed FatPipe’s strengths as:

  • FatPipe is one of the leading vendors for WAN link load balancing and has very good WAN path control capabilities
  • FatPipe supports comprehensive application identification, classification and control capabilities
  • FatPipe offers detailed network visibility and reporting capabilities
  • The FatPipe solution is relatively easy to operate, as all functions are integrated onto one platform, and managed with a single high level user interface
  • FatPipe has a good range of commonly used WAN optimization features, including substantial storage for caching

Gartner continued on FatPipe’s strength, referencing its “simple to operate” solution that integrates traditional WAN optimization features with WAN path control integrated onto one platform managed with a single high-level user interface.

According to Gartner, “the WAN optimization market remains dynamic, gradually integrating other functionality, such as WAN path controllers.” FatPipe has been the leader in the integration. For the past 15 years FatPipe has lead the industry in software defined WAN path selection and redundancy, improving the overall performance and reliability of the WAN and since 2012, introduced WAN optimization as a feature on FatPipe MPVPN and FatPipe IPVPN.

“FatPipe is pleased to be recognized again in the Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization with its products that provide a combination of WAN optimization with multi-path WAN load-balancing, failover, security and Quality of Service for a highly converged, SD-WAN edge product line,” said FatPipe’s CTO, Ms. Sanch Datta. “FatPipe’s vision of providing more than just WAN optimization puts us at the forefront of this market. We are able to fully meet the needs for the modern corporate network as businesses continue to move to hybrid wide area networks to address cloud based services and open more branch offices. With a large number of Fortune 1000 companies, and large institutions having deployed FatPipe for over a decade, our proven and time tested products lead the way in new WAN frontiers.”