17 Sep

Network Outages Again Today

FatPipe was hit with numerous phone calls today by potential customers whose primary ISP connection went down.  After some research we discovered several tier 1 ISP’s were experiencing outages today.  FatPipe customers are a lot less vulnerable to these type of outages.

FatPipe products combine multiple data lines from multiple data providers into one single fail proof network. In case, one line fails, the data is automatically re-routed through other available data network providers. Many Fortune 1000 companies and numerous institutions use FatPipe to avoid such a problem.

The FatPipe enabled redundant network provides the following advantages:

  1. 99.99+% network redundancy
  2. Automatic fail over of VoIP, VPN, and Thin clients in case a line fails without dropping the sessions
  3. Network redundancy and reliability for a global network
  4. Multi-line WAN optimization and acceleration to maximize data flow including ritualized software for data centers
  5. Automatic fail over to DR sites, without the problems that most cloud services have had when it comes to failing over to a DR site
  6. Smart DNS for in-bound load balancing
  7. For global deployments, there is no need for data provider cooperation as BGP is not needed.