01 Dec

Proven SD-WAN for Hybrid Networks is Here Today

The promise of software-defined wide area networks (SD-WANs) has been touted for several years, but most organizations have yet to adopt the technology: fewer than 1% of enterprises have deployed SD-WANs as of the end of 2015 (Market Guide for Software-Defined WAN, Gartner, Dec 1, 2015). A recent survey of IT professionals by consulting group Ashton, Metzler & Associates (When will SD-WANs ‘cross the chasm’?, Jim Metzler, PhD, TechTarget, 2016) reveals some of the obstacles that prevent greater adoption of SD-WAN in organizations:

  • 25% of respondents are concerned about how to integrate software-defined networks into their current infrastructure
  • 25% of respondents feel there isn’t a strong business case for implementing SD-WAN
  • 25% of respondents believe enabling technologies for SD-WAN are immature

With the introduction of the industry-first Avaya SDN Fx™ + FatPipe® SD-WAN integrated solution, Avaya customers can now expect the simplicity, security and scalability of SDN Fabric Connect in their LANs extended via FatPipe across the entire Unified Communications network or hybrid WAN. This converged solution from two technology innovators addresses the main concerns about implementing a software-defined network:

  • Support for a multitude of connection types and legacy systems – MPLS, broadband, wireless, satellite, T1/E1 and more—allows for cost-effective, in-place implementation that easily integrates with an organization’s network investments
  • Multi-line compression and WAN optimization increase bandwidth availability of existing lines by up to 70%, yielding large cost savings on expensive MPLS lines; and aggregation of a variety of paths presents options for additional cost savings and extra capacity for future growth, thereby strengthening the business case for an SD-WAN deployment
  • With 11 patents and 180 technology claims, FatPipe has been in the SD-WAN business for more than 15 years and has successfully deployed 10,000+ devices world-wide, thereby assuring enterprises that the SD-WAN technology is mature and ready to implement

As connected devices proliferate, data flows continue to expand and security concerns rise. Software-defined networks solve many of the problems that come with the increasing complexity of today’s networks. Legitimate concerns about SD-WAN have hindered wide-spread adoption to date, but the Avaya SDN Fx + FatPipe SD-WAN solution alleviates issues and presents enterprises with options for a next-generation hybrid wide area network. From Datacenter-to-Desktop™, Avaya SDN Fx + FatPipe SD-WAN delivers the benefits of software-defined networking today.

18 Nov

Software Defined Network

SDN is one of the most important trends for the future Internet and regional networks. You do not need to program, configure, or troubleshoot each network device individually. Instead, you can just sit in a centralized management office and customize your network based on the different needs whether it be scientific experiments, business management, home networks control, and local community communications.

SDN is a cutting edge technology. SDN can dynamically model and shape traffic depending on what is required. Essentially what happens is SDN separates Networking into a control plane and a data plane. The data plane contains all hardware such as switches, routers, bridges that allow packets to go from point A to point B. The control plane is a set of management servers that communicate with the different networking equipment in the data plane and determines how the data should move on the data plane.

FatPipe is a pioneer in software defined networks for wide area connectivity, having developed patented products for software defined WANs over the last 10 years. FatPipe Networks invented the concept of using software to manage routers of any kind for routing data over wide area networks from corporate to branch office connectivity for reliable, redundant and application delivery management.  This enables a customer to deploy a self managed, self healing wide area network in any part of the world in about an hour per location, increasing network reliability of up to 99.999988%.

FatPipe’s unique hybrid multi-line wide area networking technologies uses intelligent software to bring in a variety of innovation to the network infrastructure domain. Application performance can be improved with quality of service rules and FatPipe can provide you improvement and visibility for individual applications for enhanced user experience.