14 Aug

Internet Routing Storm

Today was a slow day for many internet users.  Thanks to the failure of several core BGP routers, Internet traffic was spotty.  The reason for this is there were several problems with major ISPs and their routers.  Their routers, many of which can hold only 512,000 BGP routing tables, were overloaded and could not handle  more routing rules. BGP is the protocol used to track and share routes for sending data traffic. Level 3 was affected in a major way. Those who use VoIP saw a significant degradation in the quality of their VoIP traffic.  VoIP is sensitive to jitter and latency; today was the day when all the problems you can think of came to a head.

Those customers who used FatPipe products and had multiple ISP providers did not suffer as much.  Using FatPipe SmartDNS  on their premise allowed them to escaped the DNS meltdown that occurred at some ISP and backbone service providers.  When the core routers were not transmitting the traffic, FatPipe appliances were able to send the traffic to the right place. VoIP traffic was better handled as FatPipe managed the latency and jitter to route traffic in the best possible manner.