28 Aug

Answers for Today’s K-12 Network

Answers for Today's K-12 Network

Summer time fun is over and kids all over the country are going back to school or are already back in school.  The image of a small kid hauling a backpack filled with books is fast fading in favor of computer savvy kids with laptop, smart phones, tablets, and ipad’s!  Juxtaposed with the rapid movement of teaching, homework assignments, student records on line, etc. are bound to increase the workload and stress of most network administrators.

The Internet plays a vital part of daily activity in today’s K-12 network.  Students, teachers and administrators are using this tool as a means of expanding the classroom experience.  Network administrators are facing increasing pressure from federal, state, and local regulators to ensure it can meet ever growing demands.

Limitations in access to the Internet and other wide area network resources can affect an institutions ability to meet these directives.  Slow speeds and unresponsive systems are sure to raise the heckles of students, teachers and parents alike (not to mention school administrators).  Unfortunately, the network admin staff is the first ones blamed.  But fear not, planning and the use of technology can assist in overcoming and resolving many network related problems.  BYOD, PARCC and other requirements can be met along with a marked reduction in stress.  You can learn more from this informative paper.

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