25 Jan

Conduct your own investigation

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SD-WAN is the new hot acronym in wide area networking that makes complex deployments very simple. With SD-WAN several companies are offering this technology with its components such as encryption, WAN path control, application performance routing, optimization and overlay networks to the customers leaving it difficult for them to choose on.  Their decisions might go wrong in choosing one that promises absolute success. But with little awareness and consideration of some important factors the consumers can select a solution that is appropriate for the product they wish for.

The primary thing that a customer needs to know about the vendor is how long have they been in SD-WAN market offering this solution and how do they support the business at times without leaving the network in peril. Even if the vendor claims that he has countless number of customers always check for the genuine ones and avoid pit falls. Be cautious while learning about the vendors patents and try to know whether they have the patents covering their technology? Or else they are violating someone else’s patents. At the same time make sure that your company is not exposed to intellectual property violation which may get you into trouble. So make sure that the product offered by the vendors is a good fit before you actually deploy it in your existing network.

According to analysts, FatPipe SD-WAN solutions bring together all the components under a single umbrella in a single easy to deploy solution.